First Joyful Mums Course

Meditation and mindfuless

I recently finished running my first Joyful Mums 5 week course in Wimbledon last Saturday (29th July, 2017) and I am so grateful to the mums and mums-to-be on the course for not only taking a chance on the unknown but also for being so open-minded, patient and for providing me with so much valuable feedback on how I can make the course even better for future participants.

I honestly could not have asked for a more amazing group of seven women. Alongside their own individual challenges, they brought with them so much experience, insight, positivity and strength and I enjoyed every moment that we spent together. We learned together what we all already knew – that being a mum (or mum-to-be) is hard. We also learned that having a safe space, outlet and the right tools can be instrumental in making that journey of motherhood just that little bit easier.

We talked about how much more emotional we feel generally (both during and after pregnancy), how easy it is to worry, how much more difficult the stresses of life can seem when you have a little one to look after can be and how frustrated or out of control we can feel sometimes.

We also learned about how our feelings are connected to ‘wires’ (thought clusters) in our brains that are created through past experiences and how we can ‘rewire’ limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. We learned about the power of mindfulness meditation to radically change the negativity bias in the brain that constantly flits from the past to the future, looking for danger, but rarely lingers on the joyful present. We welcomed feelings of anger, sadness, fear and guilt as part of the natural flow of feelings. And we harnessed the power of our brains’ positive neurochemicals to keep the stress response at bay.

For me, the past five weeks have been an inspiring and uplifting journey and it is amazing to hear from the participants how much the course has helped them. With these pioneering mums behind me, I now feel empowered to take the Joyful Mums course forward to provide more women and mums with the tools necessary to rewire their brains away from stress and towards joy! Namaste Joyful Mums! I look forward to continuing to share in your joy and progress.

If you would like to register your interest in the next course running in Sept 2017 or for more info about Joyful Mums, click here:






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