Joyful Mums


Emotional Support and Stress Management in Pregnancy and Beyond

The journey through the various stages of pregnancy, including conception, the nine months of growing your baby, labour, birth and postpartum, is often filled with unexpected emotions, physical changes and expectations. There is also evidence that a mother’s stress can have an impact on the baby in the womb and beyond, not to mention the toll that stress can take on mum herself.

Then, once the baby arrives, even though it is expected that your life will different, it can be a bit of a shock at how dramatically things can change, with new demands on you, both physically and mentally, arising. And as the child grows and develops, challenges continue to surface, seemingly different ones every week, which means that stress can build up and make it seem difficult to cope. No matter what age your child is, if those challenges and the emotions that accompany them aren’t addressed, it is all too easy to get stuck in the stress loop.

While there is a lot of practical advice out there, there are very few places where women can obtain sufficient mental and emotional support at such times in their lives. As a holistic therapist and a mother who has just recently welcomed a new life into the world, I understand the complexities between mind, body and baby and I am passionate about supporting women throughout their journey of becoming and being a mother.

Through the use of Mindfulness, Neuroscience, NLP, and Coaching, I have created a programme entitled Joyful Mums which includes a number of tools to help develop more positive emotional habits. Paired with optional individual support, the programme is designed to support and empower all women, regardless of the stage of motherhood they might be at.

The five week Joyful Mums course will cover how to manage and regulate emotions by rewiring the brain towards joy, greater personal connections (to the self and others), authenticity and deep peace.

This course isn’t just about managing stress when it arises but about rewiring your brain to reduce your overall stress levels and help you to move more easily through stress when you do encounter it.

How past participants have described the course:

  • A lesson in mindfulness and finding useful tools to help with day-to-day stresses.
  • A fantastic short course which teaches valuable techniques aimed at reducing stress and improving overall emotional wellbeing.
  • A short but thoroughly enjoyable and helpful workshop to learn 5 simple tools for a stress-free and joyful life.
  • Provided me with some really valuable tools for dealing with day to day stress. i really found the emphasis on observing how I felt rather than trying to push feelings or thoughts away/problem solve. it feels achievable to continue using the tools from the course and in the longer term shift my experiences/perspective towards the positive.

Course Schedule:

Week 1. What is joy? What is stress? How does stress affect us at a mental, emotional and physiological level? The complexities of the emotional brain and what we can learn from neuroscience. Creating a connection to yourself and noticing joy in everyday life. Introduction to the 5 tools and daily meditation.

Week 2. Incorporating the tools. Identifying your feelings and finding the core beliefs behind them in order to change thoughts, feelings and actions. Allowing, accepting and balancing emotions. Developing compassion. Breathing for calm. Group practise.

Week 3. Sharing joy. Breathing for an energy boost. Group practise.

Week 4. Cultivating positivity. Practising authenticity through effective communication. The power of gratitude. Acknowledging positive thoughts and feelings. Group practise.

Week 5. Building and strengthening the joy circuits of your brain. The power of compassion, hope and love. Harnessing your feel good chemicals. Group practise.

Individual coaching session – (optional) one, 1 hour Skype session available for 50% off the normal cost (£40 instead of £80)

By the end of the 5 weeks, you will have tools that you can use for life to move through stress towards joy more easily. You can also teach the tools to your child/children to help them to become more emotionally intelligent, independent, relaxed and resilient.

The course includes a comprehensive workbook and a guided meditation recording.

The next online sessions will begin in October 23rd, running on Monday evenings and Friday mornings and can be booked here. 

The next in-person sessions in Wimbledon will resume in February.

Please email me at to register your interest and see the testimonals page to see what past participants have had to say about the course.

Please note that the course is non-refundable if cancelled less that 14 days prior to the start of the course.