Joyful Mums Course

Emotional Support in Pregnancy and Beyond

The journey through the various stages of pregnancy, including conception, the nine months of growing your baby, labour, birth and postpartum, is often filled with unexpected emotions, physical changes and expectations. There is also evidence that a mother’s stress can have an impact on the baby in the womb and beyond, not to mention to toll that stress can take on mum herself.

While there is a lot of practical advice out there, there are very few places where women can obtain sufficient mental and emotional support at such an exciting time in their lives. As a holistic therapist and a mother who has just recently welcomed a new life into the world, I understand the complexities between mind, body and baby that can arise and I am passionate about supporting women throughout their journey of becoming and being a mother.

Through the use of Mindfulness, Neuroscience, NLP, and Coaching, I have created a programme entitled Joyful Mums which includes tools to help develop more positive emotional habits. Paired with individual support, the programme is designed to support and empower all women, regardless of the stage of motherhood they might be at. This also includes mothers who have lost their babies, recently or in the past, by choice or unexpectedly.

The five week Joyful Mums course will cover how to manage and regulate emotions by rewiring the brain towards joy, greater personal connections (to the self and others), authenticity and deep peace.

Course Schedule:

Week 1. What is joy? What is stress? The complexities of the emotional brain and what we can learn from neuroscience. Introduction to the 5 tools and the daily meditation.

Week 2. Creating a connection to yourself. Finding your inner sanctuary. Group practice.

Week 3. The brain levels and how they link to thoughts and feelings. Experiencing with mindfulness. Group practice.

Week 4. Further exploring your inner world. Identifying your feelings and finding the core beliefs behind them in order to change thoughts, feelings and actions. Group practice.

Week 5. Building and strengthening the joy circuits of your brain. The power of gratitude, compassion, hope and love. Group practice.

Individual sessions – one, 1 hour Skype session available for 50% off the normal cost

By the end of the course, you will have tools that you can use for life to move through stress towards joy more easily. You can also teach the tools to your child/children to help them to become more emotionally intelligent, relaxed and resilient.

It is anticipated that the course will run for 1.5 hours on Saturday afternoons between 12:00-13:30, beginning in January 2017.  The overall cost will be £99 and groups will be limited to 10 participants maximum.

Please email me at to register your interest.