Joyful Mums Course:

This course gave me the opportunity to reconnect with myself, which is hard to do when you’re a full-time mummy. With this course, I had the opportunity to leave life at home and spend a couple of hours on me. The tools and meditations are something I will always have now, and I am able to incorporate these into my daily life. I think every mummy needs to have the time to reconnect and make sure that they spend some time thinking about themselves, so I will definitely be recommending Gianna and her Joyful Mums course to my local mummy friends. The tools will always be available to me, and my children, now, and the course has made me more aware of the importance of checking in with myself each day, which I didn’t ever do before
– K.J., SW London (who went from a number 10 stress level to a 6 in five weeks)

I liked the layout of the session. The science bit was very interesting and made me understand how the techniques work and what effect they have. I think it is thanks to looking for joy and being grateful.
K.D., SW London (who went from a number 9 stress level to a 3 in five weeks)

I would definitely recommend the Joyful Mums course to others. It includes a fascinating mix of science, mindfulness and NLP – to name just a few! Gianna is really warm and approachable and fosters a friendly and open atmosphere within the group. So much so, I was really sad when the course ended! I’ve come away with some really helpful techniques for handling stress and a better understanding about how and why stress can spiral. I’m feeling generally more positive and content as a result!
K.B., SW London (who went from a number 8 stress level to a 5 in five weeks)

A short but thoroughly enjoyable and helpful workshop to learn 5 simple tools for a stress-free and joyful life. Gianna is a very knowledgable, caring and helpful teacher who will guide you every step of the way.
A life changing workshop, I highly recommend her programme!
– anon, SW London (who went from a number 8 stress level to a 3 in five weeks)

Doing the course has giving me a lot more confidence in my ability to affect personal change – it feels like the start of a journey rather than an epiphany but I left the course feeling empowered to make positive change. I realised how unbalanced I was in focusing on negative/stressful experiences and actually how much joy and love and peace there is in my life. When my thoughts are running away with me I can (try to gently) guide them towards happy rather than sad things. it will take a long time I think to change, but I genuinely intend to move forward with the learning from the course.
K.D., SW London (who went from a number 7 stress level to a 4 in five weeks)

Cognitive Hypnotherapy:

I thought Gianna was extremely approachable and made me feel instantly comfortable in her company. I think this was essential in me feeling relaxed and therefore ensuring the hypnotherapy was successful. In my case, I was very nervous about getting married and hate being the centre of attention, but Gianna taught me how to turn nervous energy into something good, rather than something that controlled me. I definitely felt that I handled myself better at my wedding than I thought I would and I put this down to my sessions with Gianna. I am continuing to use the techniques I learnt when nervous and will continue to do so.
L.B., Wimbledon

I came to Gianna because I had needle and blood phobia, usually leading to fainting, and wanted to deal with those phobias because I was planning to have a baby.
I’m actually due to have my baby on January 13th and wanted to say that throughout my pregnancy I have had a number of blood tests and hospital appointments and have managed to stay calm and relaxed through all of them, not fainting once, and all thanks to Gianna.
Each time I had to face a test I managed to remain calm and positive because she gave me the confidence and tools to take myself to a relaxing place where my mind is in control of my body. I sincerely cannot recognize myself anymore and I know I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for her….thanks so much for your help!
B.P., London