Cognitive Hypnotherapy


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern, science-based therapeutic approach that is significantly different from other forms of traditional hypnotherapy. Within my approach, I integrate techniques and interventions from a range of approaches, including NLP, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and other cutting edge tools and techniques.

I use cognitive hypnosis in a way that speaks directly to your unconscious mind to assist you in breaking unwanted habits and overcoming personal problems, tailoring each session to your needs and personality.

Cogntive Hypnotherapy may help with panic attacks, anxiety, fears and phobias (such as flying or public speaking), healing and pain control, boosting confidence, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), motivation and goal setting, and much more.

I currently see clients at St. Mark’s Church in Wimbledon or via Skype. Email to book an appointment.

My fees are:

Initial session – £110 (1.5 hours)

Subsequent session – £80 (1 hour)

Skype session (Hypnotherapy/NLP) – £75 (1 hour)